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15th January 2019 0 Comments Appearances, Gallery, Mary Queen of Scots, Screencaps, Videos

Margot and Saoirse Ronan on BBC Radio 1’s “Breakfast with Greg James” to promote Mary Queen of Scots (Photos + Video)

Hello Margot fans! Earlier this morning, Margot and Saoirse Ronan were guests on the BBC Radio 1 morning show “Breakfast with Greg James”. The program was originally recorded on December 10 of last year, but aired today! They were there to promote their film ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, and spent their airtime reacting to embarrassing confessions from the listeners read by the host, I have added two beautiful photos of the girls at the studio, as well as HD screen captures from the taping. You can find their interview below!

Cow eggs (hay bales), white broccoli (cauliflower) and the ‘Naughties’ (the 00s) – Mary Queen of Scots actors Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan react to things people really should know on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James. Listen to Radio 1 anytime and anywhere by downloading the BBC Sounds App.

14th January 2019 0 Comments Gallery, Interviews, Mary Queen of Scots, Photoshoots, Press

‘Mary Queen Of Scots’: Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan On Separation, Smallpox & The Power Behind The Female Throne

Hello Margot fans! At the beginning of the year, Deadline shared a great new interview with Margot and Saoirse Ronan. They discuss ‘Mary Queen of Scots’, upcoming projects and their choice of characters! You can read it in full below, and find a stunning new photoshoot outtake which accompanied the article over in our galleries at this link.

Deadline | The real Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart probably never met. But when you cast a film with Margot Robbie as Elizabeth, and Saoirse Ronan as Mary, it seems only right that they come together, if only for one scene. Josie Rourke’s Mary Queen of Scots may briefly put the two monarchs face-to-face, but otherwise, staying true to the characters’ separate lives, Ronan and Robbie didn’t meet on set at all until they were on camera together—a decision Ronan calls a mutual “experiment”—and one that turned out to perfectly serve a tale of rivalry, isolation and oppressed female power.

Saoirse, you signed on to play Mary six years ago, but what did you know about this story going into it?

Saoirse Ronan: I didn’t know much, really. I learned a very small amount about Mary Queen of Scots when I was in school, and there was so much about her that had been entered into the history books that just wasn’t really true. So my perception of her was that she was this young girl who was way in over her head and didn’t really know how to rule, and consequently, she got executed eventually, which of course isn’t the real story at all. So when I finally did start to do research when I signed on to do the film years ago, I realized she came from a very well-respected yet very fiery family, the Stuarts, who had been ruling for hundreds of years. It was very exciting to know that there was another side to the story that hadn’t been told.

Margot Robbie: I knew very little. I had an image of Elizabeth in my mind, the way we see her at the end of this film with the white face and the red lips and elaborate dresses. That tableau existed in my mind but I had very little context for it, so I really was starting at the beginning, and Josie was incredible at helping me put together a timeline, and gave me a catch-up of the history up until that point. It was fascinating because I just thought about the time period in a very different way. I’d assumed Elizabeth must have had a very easy life as a monarch, and quickly discovered that being a monarch actually meant your life was constantly in danger. And I think for Elizabeth that knowledge was deep-seated, and grew into paranoia over the years. You get to see that in the film as she does play her hand very cautiously. She is constantly calculating and mitigating the risks.
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18th December 2018 0 Comments Gallery, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Margot filming ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ (Photos)

Before the big “Mary Queen of Scots” promotion tour Margot and Saoirse have been on the last month, our girl was in Los Angeles to film her upcoming film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”! She was photographed on set on different dates in July, August and October, and I have now added over 300 photos to our gallery. These are all as HQ as possible, but since the photographers are often snapping from a distant at filming locations, some are rather grainy. However, we get a clear and great view at Margot as Sharon Tate – and she looks amazing! Enjoy all the new photos over at our gallery.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is an upcoming mystery crime film centered on the Manson Family murders. Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie. The film is a British-American venture produced by Columbia Pictures and Heyday Films, and is the ninth directed feature film by Tarantino. The film is scheduled for release on July 26, 2019.
18th December 2018 0 Comments The Margot Corner, Uncategorised

The Margot Corner is back online!

Hello Margot fans, and welcome back to The Margot Corner! I’m Sara, one of the original founders of the website. After several months offline, I decided I missed this site and adored Margot too much to let go completely – so here we are again!

I have updated our gallery with all the missing events, photoshoots and magazine spreads from this year, so make sure you head over and start browsing. Now that we’re approaching the end of 2018, what’s better than browsing through Margot’s very busy and successful year!? There are several thousand new images, all in beautiful high quality.

Updates will resume as normal from now, so keep checking back for more Margot content soon! I will catch up on all her film related photos up next, as well as screen captures from the latest talk shows and interviews. Make sure to follow us over at twitter to be alerted on all the new updates here at the site, as I have a lot to share with you over the holidays. 

(PS: The stunning post photo is from the European premiere of “Mary Queen of Scots” in London on December 11, which you can now find 500+ HQ photos from here. One of my absolute favorite Margot looks this year, possibly ever!)

16th January 2018 0 Comments Appearances, Gallery

Margot at the French Premiere of ‘I, Tonya’ in Paris – January 15

Hello lovelies! Margot has spent the whole day today in Paris doing ‘I, Tonya’ Promotion (stay tuned for a full post on everything she has been up to tomorrow), followed by the French premiere of the film this evening. Margot arrived late for the premiere because of a delay with her filming schedules, but she still took time to greet fans outside and pose for the photographers at the red carpet! The premiere was held at Cinema UGC Normandie, and Margot attended with film director Craig Gillespie. She was an absolute vision in a stunning pink Rodarte dress, and this is definitely an early competitor for 2018’s look of the year in my opinion. Head over to our gallery to see for yourself!

12th January 2018 0 Comments Appearances, Award Shows, Awards & Nominations, Gallery

The 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards – Margot wins best actress in a comedy for ‘I, Tonya’! (Photos)

MARGOT BROUGHT HOME THE BEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY AWARD! As you all know, the The 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards was held tonight (January 11), and Margot was in attendance with her ‘I, Tonya’ co-stars and crew. As the highlight of the evening, our girl won “Best Actress in a Comedy” for her amazing performance in the film! We are so proud and happy for her. Margot wore Chanel for the big occasion, and we’ve been blessed with a big number of photos already.

Judging by the photos, it looked like she and Allison had a really great time! She also posted with fellow “Best Actress” nominee and upcoming co-star in “Mary Queen of Scots” Saoirse Ronan, in some of my favorite photos of the evening. We’re going to add a lot more photos tomorrow, but for now, make sure to check out the already 100+ stunning high quality photos by following the links below!

10th January 2018 0 Comments Gallery, Interviews, Magazine Scans, Photoshoots

Margot Robbie For Elle Magazine – February (Photos + Interview)

Following her long list of Magazine covers and editorials in January, Margot will be the cover girl of ELLE Magazine‘s February issue! We now have the first parts of her interview, her cover + photoshoot outtakes, and they are GORGEOUS. This is one of my new favorite Margot photoshoots, and we’re very lucky to have them in beautiful high quality already. You can read her interview below, and I’ve posted the links to the gallery albums at the bottom of the post. Enjoy this stunning new additions, and keep checking back for more. We’ll hopefully have more outtakes from this photoshoot soon.

Elle | Margot Robbie is, yes, a knockout. But like the women she’s portrayed in her decade-long career—a trophy wife on a mission in The Wolf of Wall Street; a balls-to-the-wall war reporter in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot; the feisty, feminist Jane in The Legend of Tarzan; and, of course, Suicide Squad’s lovable lunatic criminal, Harley Quinn—the Aussie stunner is so much more than an ingenue. Below, find a preview of Robbie’s February cover interview with her I, Tonya co-star, Allison Janney, where she discusses her future as a director, the highlight of her career and what it was like playing Tonya Harding:

On fear of playing a real-life character: “…playing Tonya [Harding], who’s very much alive and is widely documented, can be more intimidating.”

On directing: “I still love acting. But I’ve spent the last 10 years on a film set, and I realized that if I am pouring my heart and soul into a film, I want to be one of those voices in the conversation making decisions.”

On the first highlight of her career: “When I got to New York for the first time, I took my first paycheck, walked straight into Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, and bought an airplane charm that goes on my bracelet. It was the best feeling ever. I got my little blue box, and I got it for myself.”

On which skill she wants to master: “I recently bought fire-twirling poles, because I really want to get good at it. When I was backpacking in the Philippines, there were heaps of fire twirlers on the beach, and it was so cool. I was like, Wow, I really want to do that!”

Hair by Renato Campora at the Wall Group; makeup by Pati Dubroff at Forward Artists; manicure by Alexandra Jachno; set design by Bryan Porter for Owl and the Elephant; produced by Nathalie Akiya at Kranky Produktions; fashion assistants: Yashua Simmons and Mark-Paul Barro

This article originally appears in the February 2018 issue of ELLE.