Elle Australia, March 2014

Date released: March 2014
Photographer: Kai Z Feng
Country: Australia
Styling: Heathermary Jackson (styling), Renato Campora (Hair), Tyron Machausen (makeup), Roseann Singleton (Manicure)

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From shooting clay pigeons in the Gold Coast hinterland to filming with Martin Scorsese, Margot Robbie has hit the big time

Her life was about to change and her first thought was what she would tell the cops. Since she began acting at age 17, Margot Robbie– a dyed-in-the-wool Aussie girl who was born in the Queensland farm town of Dalby then grew up on the Gold Coast – had made leaps towards Hollywood. She tucked a couple of Logie nominations under her belt during her three years playing the precocious Donna Freedman on Neighbours before landing a role in 2011 on the prime-time American series Pan Am. Now she’d flown in from London, where she’d just wrapped a small but career-making role in Richard Curtis’ romantic drama About Time, for another milestone: she was standing in a room with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. Robbie was auditioning for The Wolf Of Wall Street, reading lines between DiCaprio’s character, real-life white-collar Caligula, Jordan Belfort, and hers, Belfort’s brassy Long-Island trophy wife, Naomi. DiCaprio had abruptly ditched the script and begun improvising: “He’s got momentum like you wouldn’t believe,” recalls Robbie. “He’s off and running, and I’m sitting there like a stunned mullet, thinking, ‘You’ve got 30 seconds left in this room to do something impressive.’” Cue the next scene, a marital spat between Jordan and Naomi. Script be damned. “I think of every swearword in my head and just start screaming at him,” she says. “Then I walk over like I’m about to kiss him and I go…” Slap! Right across the face. Right across Leonardo DiCaprio’s face. “Reality washed over me,” she says, re-enacting the terror. “Oh my God, you just assaulted Leonardo DiCaprio. They’re going to arrest you now.”

Scorsese remembers it slightly differently. “We were stunned – all three of us – because she was as surprised as we were,” he says. “But when she made that move, she claimed Naomi – she took charge of her and she did something that originated with the character. That was when I knew [the role was hers].” Since then, 23-year-old Robbie has travelled on a far-flung internationalpress tour, walked every red carpet an actress could ever hope to set a Louboutin stiletto on and seen her face projected on screens from Brisbane to Berlin.
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